Magnesium and Athletes

  1. Do you lose energy and feel that you are working harder than you should to maintain your pace?
  2. Studies have shown that decreased levels of magnesium cause the body to use more oxygen and energy during workouts.1

  3. Did you know that magnesium deficiency is a real threat to
    marathon runners?
  4. Researchers have confirmed that serum and urinary magnesium concentrations decrease significantly while running a marathon, enough to produce magnesium deficiency.2

  5. Did you know that sweating can drain magnesium from your body?
  6. As with many of the important electrolytes, runners lose magnesium when they sweat. Sweating heavily drains magnesium and other electrolytes to a point that can interfere with important functions in the body.1

A study by the Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center in North Dakota examined the magnesium levels of athletes involved in varied activities, including a small sample of female collegiate runners. The researchers reported, "A positive trend existed between energy and magnesium intakes in these women. These limited findings suggest that dietary magnesium may be limiting among some physically active women."1

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